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Clan-Rules (Stand: 28.04.2011)



1. Minimum Age
The minimum required age to be a member of our clan is 17. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the administrators if you exhibit good character and behavior. In the case that an exception is made, the minimum trial period is 8 weeks before a full member vote can be initiated.

2. Member Obligations
Our member requirements are that all members be active in our TeamSpeak3 server with a working headset. We also require that clan members have at least 1 clan relevant game that they can play with other members. Members are expected to be team players in game in that they can work well with other members to have a fun gaming experience for all. The final obligation is that members retain a positive attitude and doesn’t trash talk our clan or others.

3. Trial Members
The standard recruit will undergo a 4 week trial period (8 weeks for underage recruits, see rule #1) which is a time used for current members to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. During this time we will monitor the time you spend online, your game play character, and your attitude to ensure that it fits in with our clan. During this time you will also be able to experience what being a member of our clan is like, so you can get to know if we are a good fit for you. After the trial period concludes, a 1 week vote will be initiated in which every full member will have the opportunity to vote 1 time for, against, or in between for your membership. A majority vote in favor is needed to approve your full membership.

4. Clan tag
All full and trial members will be required to wear the appropriate r.R.c clan tags in front of his/her name in online games and in our TeamSpeak3 server.

5. Server control
Every full member will get access to the server controls and restricted admin tools on our game servers. A select few members will be given to handpicked contributing members that have already proven their loyalty to our clan. These decisions will be made only by administration.

6. Clan Management
The clan managers will be suggested by the other clan managers if necessary. The final election must be based on a vote by the whole clan. The clan management must always have at least 3 full clan members. A clan manager can only be voted out if the other two clan managers (or more if applicable) vote in favor of his removal. In this case, a new clan manager will be suggested and voted on as quickly as possible. To qualify for this position, you must have proven your reliability, characters, contribution, and attitude.

7. Behavior
Your behavior and attitude inside and out of the clan should be mature. This means that you should always remain professional and mature even when not in the presence of our clan server or TeamSpeak3, since you represent our clan at all times.

8. Cheating, Bug or Glitch abusing, or game mods
No cheating or intentional glitch exploitation is allowed. Even being in possession of hacks or cheats on your computer is considered in violation of this rule. We are a 100% fair play clan, and we do not support these types of actions. Game mods are only allowed if a decision by clan management has been made, and in some cases this is allowed. The serverconfig-tools for MW2 are allowed.